Home Extensions

Whatever your needs may be, SAK Construction can get it done.

Often in the pursuit of increasing the value of our lives we find ourselves wanting to upgrade our homes by way of home extensions. Our families grow, and our dreams grow so we need the house to grow along with it.

Instead of going through the hassle to buy a completely new home, we at SAK Construction offer the option of home extensions. We can make your wishes come true by transforming your average home into a superb home. Remodeling has been our expertise since 1967 and we know that sometimes you have to build your dream home one room at a time.

Adding extensions onto your home is the ideal way to have the house you always wanted without having to completely switch locations. If you love your home and community and don't want to leave, look no further. Contact us and we'll take care of the rest.


If you have a new addition to the family, we can create beautiful new rooms. If you want to add a new hall or just create more space for yourself or your family, we can create amazing new home additions from any location on the home. If you have new cars and don't have enough room in your current garage, we can extend it and you can continue to increase your car collection. Maybe you want to have those delicious summer barbecues and want to add an outside kitchen or deck.


Whatever you can dream up, we can add it to your home. Aside from providing more to your house, additions also increase the value of your home. An addition is an investment for your family and your future wealth.


Contact SAK Construction so you can stop your dreaming and we can turn them into reality.