Dormers & Dormer Additions

When you just want more living space, a dormer is the right choice.


As for an addition, it’s an investment that improves both your quality of life and your home’s re-sale value.


We can add a gable dormer in the front or a shed dormer in the back. Whatever your preference is, we can make it happen. We offer Dormers at a very cost effective price and we get them done swiftly while keeping you up to task the whole way. We can make your home beautiful and look like never before. We take high importance with details and perfection until you are completely satisfied.

We have been around since 1967, so you can imagine we have built just about every type of dormer you can think of. We have encountered all types of structures and challenges so you can trust us with whatever meets your needs. Experience is probably the most important aspect in the construction business and thats what SAK Construction brings to the table. As a customer you want to trust your home with only the highest of expertise and quality. 

Contact SAK Construction and lets get your dormer started right away.